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These posters are based on research into the lettersforms and typography found in the city of Lancaster. Sum of the Parts considers how letterforms, taken from centuries of years of design history, can be combined in order to create a completely new form. City of Letters is a typographic map of Lancaster drawn from hundres of architectural letters, historical documents and contemporary local writers. While, Twenty-four Serif ‘A’s details 24 examples of serif letters from Lancaster buildings that show the changing letterform designs used during the development of the city.  All are available from our online shop.

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Sum of the Parts

This poster designs are derived from an agglomeration of date-ordered letters found on the buildings and memorials of the city of Lancaster. Three letters – A, C & S – are currently available.

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City of Letters

This typographic map of the city of Lancaster is constructed from hundreds of examples of architectural lettering, ephemeral print samples, and the work of local writers,

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Twenty-Four Letter As

Twenty-four serif A letterforms taken from the buildings and memorial of Lancaster, each with title and date.

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The Lancaster City of Letters posters is an incredible piece of work. The attention to detail is remarkable. A real labour of love.

Dan Payne - Liverpool