Publications: Copies May Be Had

Copies May be Had is the first in a series called FOUND that brings together collections of ephemera, brica-brica another curiosities. Copies May Be Had considers the cartes-de-visites. These photographer’s trade cards not only have intriguing portraits from the mid-1800s, but the reverse reveals wonderful photographer’s advertisements, each with their own unique design and typographic approach. Some are simply constructed using only a minimum of text and detail. Others adopt the habit of many printers of the period in their use of a multitude of typefaces to better catch the attention of the reader. Several have beautiful illustrations, motifs or ornamented initials and each one is a minature study in design.

In reproducing them we take something of the collective past and make it known again, until the booklets in which they are presented also become ephemeral, dog-eared remnants—’copies that may be had’ if only for a little while.


In addition, Found 01 comes with an extra item, a faux carte de visite that uses the original images from the publiction along with a unique design letterpressed into the reverse. Each edition of Found will include a bonus item, some from provided by a local artist, writer or poet.


  • Published: 2013
  • ISBN:
  • Size: A5 (210x148mm)
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 24pp
  • Includes a 100x60mm letterpressed ‘carte de visite’

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A lovely little booklet full of intriguing photographs. The letterpresses card that’s included is beautiful.

Carolyn Harrison, Preston