Shipping Costs

UK and International shipping rates


All orders will be sent using Royal Mail within seven days. Please ensure that you provide a secure shipping address when making your purchase and that the address details are clear and up-to-date.

Unfortunately, it’s now proving impossible to work out different shipping rates for different countries, as is modifying the final shipping costs to take account of the savings gained with larger orders – and for which we sincerely apologise. To simplify things, there are now just ‘UK shipping rates’ and ‘International shipping rates’ for each kind of item. So, if you are in Europe, you’ll be paying the same rate to receive a book as that for Australia, or anywhere else in the world – and we are absorbing some of the costs for longer distance shipping. Likewise, if you order two books, the shipping rate is x2 the cost of one – again, apologies for this, and we have reduced the rates for single items to try and make it fairer.

If you have a larger order, please contact us directly at, and we will try and arrange with you a direct payment that can reduce the shipping cost. When the technology catches up with what we need, we will improve this situation.

International Shipping

Postage and packing totals will be calculated at the checkout. It’s ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL to select the International shipping option at the checkout if you are outside of the UK. We won’t ship goods outside of the UK if the UK shipping rate is selected and the amount paid is therefore less than required. In that event, we will email you and ask you to make the remaining amount via PayPal. Only then will goods be shipped.

Contact Fast Foot Press

If you have any queries regarding the Online Shop, its products or an order that you have placed please email